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4 Amazing Herbal Recipes for Weight Loss

Being overweight is a disturbing state which annoys many and this is what makes people seek different weight loss programs. One such way of getting weight loss that has been rampant in recent times is herbal recipes. These are extracts of naturally occurring herbs which are usually taken alone or even in foods. The mechanism by which each of the herbs used for weight loss works differs from one to the other.

Herbal cures can be taken through various means to cause weight loss. They could be used as spices in food or as ingredients. Teas are a very common and great way through which many herbs are introduced into the body. Herbal cures supplements have also been made pharmaceutically and can be bought over-the-counter and swallowed a tablets or capsules.

Some of the most commonly used spices are onions, turmeric and black pepper. These can be used to season virtually any stewed food and are quite common. They have been shown to have a reducing effect on insulin and glucose. The lipid profile is also improved, that is, the good fats are increased whereas bad fats are decreased in the systemic levels. Adding just a little of these to the foods prepared will make sure that you lose weight as soon as possible and maintain it too.

Herbal tea can be prepared with many herbal additives, the most common of which is bitter orange. The peel of the fruit is ground when dry and the powder added into the tea during preparation. This contains octopamine and synephrine chemicals which act to boost metabolism. The more the rate of metabolism the more the rate at which fat is broken down resulting in weight loss. Overuse of this can however have serious implications on the health of a person.

Coconut oil extracted from coconut fruits is a great ingredient which is used to prepare many differing foods such as rice and stews. Adding a little coconut oil to the water for cooking rice and then adding the rice will make your rice taste better and also help with weight loss endeavors. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides which are a type of good fats. Good fats are essential for weight loss and are known as high density triglycerides. They support weight loss rather than encouraging weight gain like bad’ fats (low density lipoproteins) do.

Chickwood or stellaria media is a herb that has been known for a long time in shedding off weight. It can be used in several recipes including being used as an ingredient in preparing vegetable salad or as a steamed vegetable as part of the main course of a meal. Mixing it with dandelion, stinging nettle, purslane, plantain and evening primrose is the best herbal cures mixture for best results in weight loss. It contains iodine and reduces weight by increasing the metabolism rate of the body. This in turn increases the rate at which fat breaks down leading to subsequent weight loss. People allergic to iodine and those with known heart-related diseases should not use this herb as this could cause complications.

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